Week 6 Review

Biggest week of 2018 so far! 24.5 miles. And it only goes up from here, with the exception of the much needed regeneration week coach has scheduled next week. I like the term “regeneration” instead of recovery. No long run this coming weekend, but I do need to adjust my schedule to 5 days of running instead of 4.

Monday, February 5 – Easy 4 – 38:14 (9:33)
The easier runs are getting faster.

Tuesday, February 6 – Rest

Wednesday, February 7 – 6×1000 – 59:28 (9:09)
Whew! It’s been a long time since I’ve done 1000s. Coach called for 10K pace, so I pushed 7.0 on the treadmill.

Thursday, February 8 – Rest

Friday, February 9 – Easy 5 – 48:03 (9:37)
It’s hard to wake up early enough to get 5 in before work. But I never regret it!

Saturday, February 10 – Long Run 9 – 1:22:54 (9:13)
The last mile needed to be under 9:00, but I’m an overachiever, so I managed to get the last 2 miles under 9:00 with an 8:44 and 8:38. WEE! This run felt fantastic…comfortably hard…my legs felt STRONG.

Sunday, February 11 – Rest
I should have done yoga, but I didn’t wake up sore or stiff.

I wrote out the next month of training into my journal. I’ve got some BIG HARD workouts ahead of me. Good thing I like to…

Stay neon!

Week 5 Review

I really like that my running diary counts the weeks for me. I don’t have to keep track.

I’d like to say that last week was another week of smooth sailing, but it wasn’t. Runner Boy came down with a sinus/ear infection, and Tiny Boy got the flu. Friday was the only day last week that both boys were in school. Thankfully they are both on the mend again. Runner Boy is back to his work outs, although running isn’t super fun for him right now. Being a preteen is rough stuff. Was I this sullen and moody when I was 10 years old?! Mom…don’t answer that.

Despite all of that, I got my workouts in.

Monday, January 29: Rest. Shin exercises.

Tuesday, January 30: 4 mile Easy. 38:22/9:35 pace. Right shin and calf tight.

Wednesday, January 31: 5 mile Easy. 48:30/9:42 pace. Wore calf sleeves during run.

Thursday, February 1: Rest. How is it February already!?

Friday, Feburary 2: 3.5 Fartlek. 33:16/9:30

Saturday, February 3: Rest. Grad school. My brain is tired.

Sunday, February 4: 80 minute Long Run. 9 miles…oops. I like round numbers. 1:27:22/9:42 Downtown Y track. I miss spring/summer/fall.

My shin is definitely on the mend. It didn’t bother me at all Sunday or Monday, but today it’s a little off. I’m staying on top of the PT exercises, foam rolling, and stretching.

Stay neon! And have a great week!

I’m back!

In the first week of the new year, I ran 3 dismal miles. Stupid flu.

In the second week of the new year, I ran 18 miles! They didn’t all feel wonderful, but it felt good to be back on the plan.

Monday, January 8 – 3.0 miles / 29:00 / 9:40 pace
Treadmill before work. My breathing still felt off. I ran in new shoes!

Tuesday, January 9 – Rest.
Stretching and PT exercises.

Wednesday, January 10 – 4.0 miles / 36:39 / 9:10 pace
Plan called for moderate miles with a low 9 pace goal. This felt hard, but good to run fast. I ran a sub-9 pace for the last half mile.

Thursday, January 11 – Rest
I could not get out of bed this morning. I am getting close to 9 hours of sleep per night, which seems to be doing the trick in healing me from the flu.

Friday, January 12 – 3.0 / 28:36 / 9:32 pace
I’m still fighting some congestion, but this pace felt good for easy stuff.

Saturday, January 13 – 8.0 / 1:14:55 / 9:22 pace
This entire run felt off. My heart rate was unusually high. But I was able to hit my paces. I was supposed to finish in the low 9s. Mile 7 was a 9:11, and my legs were done and I couldn’t hold on to that pace.

Sunday, January 14 – Rest
My quads were sore when I woke up. That hasn’t happened in a while. I should have foam rolled, but I didn’t. I’ve got to get back in the habit of doing all the recovery things.

This current week I get to do my first tempo run, and I’m REALLY hoping to get some outside miles this weekend if they weather agrees. It’s BITTERLY cold today. Windchill was between -10 and -20 this morning, cancelling all surrounding school districts. But in true Kansas form, it’s supposed to be back in the 50s this weekend.

Stay neon!