Child’s pose…it’s ok. You don’t need to ask.

I did an hour of PiYo yesterday. I lost count of the number of times I had to go into child’s pose. It’s ok…Chalene says we don’t have to ask to go into child’s pose. We just can. I can run a half marathon, but I can’t do 4 burpees in a row without losing the ability to stand up straight. It’s all about balance, right?

My left shin hit a crankiness level that concerned me enough to not do my recovery run on Sunday. Not that Saturday’s run warranted a recovery run. 8 miles of dead legs, tight calves and shins, and an overall off feeling. Imagine my surprise when I hit save and see a 9:30 overall pace with a 149 average heart rate. I guess it didn’t suck as bad as it felt.

Today is Mr. Neon’s birthday. He requested spaghetti and meatballs, French bread, and cinnamon rolls for his birthday dinner. Carbs = happiness.

That’s all I’ve got today. Short and sweet.

Stay neon!

PiYo Interuptus

So last Thursday was Kansas Day. Happy Birthday, Kansas! Being the good teacher’s wife that I am, I made Mr. Neon’s fourth graders homemade bread to eat with the butter that they would make in class. I came home from work Wednesday night and decided to slice the bread before bed, instead of getting up early and doing it during the rush of getting the boys on the bus. I wasn’t in a hurry. I was almost done. I only had two slices on the last loaf left. Mr. Neon was talking to me. I turned my head to respond to something he said. And I sliced my left pointer finger. As soon as I did it, I knew it wasn’t one of my usual clutsy cuts. It was deep. It needed stitches. But it was 11pm on a Wednesday night. The only thing open was the ER. Dr. Google told us we could wait until the morning. I somehow managed to sleep with my finger tightly wrapped with a Spongebob bandaid.


Thursday morning I went to my doctor, and she stitched the cut closed with one little stitch. That one little stitch has caused me grief! I couldn’t do PiYo for a few days because downdog and plank made it stretch and pull. Dumb. I’m typing with 9 fingers. Try it. It’s a pain in the butt. Tiny Boy has been doing PiYo for me. Isn’t his downdog the cutest?!


I’m sitting here drinking my Vega One. I need to do a post about this stuff and tell you all about it. I love it. I’m a little obsessed. Whole Foods had it on sale last month and I stocked up!


So many yummy flavors!


The other big news is that I got selected to be part of the the Honey Stinger Hive! I applied on a whim and I got it! I LOVE these products. I have used them from the very beginning of my journey. Me…a sponsored athlete?! Someone pinch me!


I’ll just leave this here. Even though I don’t use disposable menstrual products (another post for another day), the Always “like a girl” ad was my favorite. GIRLS ROCK!

Happy Tuesday, all!

PiYo Before!

Here we go! 8 weeks of PiYo! I’m hoping that by posting this here it will increase my accountability!


Mr. Neon took these pictures. He told me not to smile. I look mad. Haha.

I can definitely see where I hope to have results…mainly my core, buns, and thighs. And my shorts are holding in the belly skin that I will probably never be rid of without surgical intervention. Darn kids.

Measurements (in inches)
Chest 32
R arm 11
L arm 11
Waist 33
Hips 37
R thigh 23
L thigh 23
Total 170
Weight 134.0

Mr. Neon is going to do it with me. I promised him I wouldn’t post his before pics or measurements. Tomorrow we begin!