Shin Update

I went through most of yesterday convinced that I had compartment syndrome. (Dr. Google is not an injured runner’s friend.) I’m still not 100% convinced I don’t. Whatever I have is mild. It’s barely noticeable when I’m not running and only minimally noticeable when I am running. It’s a weird issue. I wouldn’t even consider it a pain. It’s a pressure sensation. It feels like I have an insanely tight muscle in the side of my calf. Soleus issue, maybe? When I wear skinnier fitted pants, I can feel that the area is slightly swollen.

Mr. Neon and I made a game plan. I need to get an appointment with our chiro. Paging, Dr. Messenger! If he can’t work his magic, back to the ortho I go. He prescribed physical therapy for my hip and it worked, so I’m definitely a fan of his.


In the mean time, I’m back to only running every other day and nothing more than 3-4 miles. Compression sleeves, ice, and ibuprofen seem to be working. On the plus side, I’m really enjoying PiYo again. Maybe I’ll use this winter to get BUFF. I miss my half-6-pack abs. Marathon training wrecked my body. An entire year later and I still feel like parts of me are recovering.


I felt skinny this morning for the first time in a long time. Body image issues abound when you are a formerly obese girl. (Don’t mind my dirty mirror and unfolded laundry!)

Stay neon, kids!


Say that three times fast. It kind of makes me giggle.

National Blog Posting Month.

I’ve got friends doing NaNoWriMo, which I have to admit sounds cooler when it rolls off the tongue. Alas, I am not a novelist. And I never will be.

That being said…I am going to attempt NaBloPoMo. (Of course, I’m already a day late getting started.)

If anything, it will get me in the habit of sharing my life and my running with all of you.