Remember those shin splints I mentioned…

I have run a grand total of 3 miles in 17 days. Why? Shin splints. I thought I was on top of them, but I wasn’t. After my mile repeats on August 22nd, I limped through 2 miles the next day before calling it quits. I took two days off, stretched everything, and did strength exercises. My long run was supposed to be 12. I barely made it 6 before throwing in the towel.

Coach said two weeks off running and to XT like there’s no tomorrow. So I did. And then I tried to run 3 miles last Thursday. Nope. Pain returned and made me think maybe I have a stress reaction in my left shin.

In 17 days I have ridden my bike 133 miles. So there’s that. I’m going to give running another attempt tomorrow. Fingers crossed. If that run doesn’t go well, it might be doctor time. Sigh…

All I wanted to do was run a sub-2 half. Is that too much to ask, running gods?!

What’s the lesson here? XT, people. Strength train, people.

Stay neon.


Diagnosis: “just” shin splints. No stress fracture. No compartment syndrome. Just a bad shin splint in my right leg.

Treatment: Two weeks off running. I can do anything that doesn’t hurt. Biking does not hurt, so guess what I will be doing for two weeks. I also start PT the week of Thanksgiving. It worked for my hip, so maybe it’ll work for my shin too.

I’m glad these little nagging injuries aren’t something bigger and they seem to come at a time when they aren’t hugely detrimental to my A races.

New runners want to do it all. I’ve been there. I ran so many races in 2014. I ran a marathon before my body was ready in 2015. I signed up for too many races in 2016 and put too much pressure on myself. I think I need to just run for me. Run for health. Run for life.

Two people asked me yesterday morning what I was planning on for 2017. Right now…nothing. Just running, biking, and swimming. Just putting in the miles. Keeping the mental demons away.

Stay neon!

Shin Update

I went through most of yesterday convinced that I had compartment syndrome. (Dr. Google is not an injured runner’s friend.) I’m still not 100% convinced I don’t. Whatever I have is mild. It’s barely noticeable when I’m not running and only minimally noticeable when I am running. It’s a weird issue. I wouldn’t even consider it a pain. It’s a pressure sensation. It feels like I have an insanely tight muscle in the side of my calf. Soleus issue, maybe? When I wear skinnier fitted pants, I can feel that the area is slightly swollen.

Mr. Neon and I made a game plan. I need to get an appointment with our chiro. Paging, Dr. Messenger! If he can’t work his magic, back to the ortho I go. He prescribed physical therapy for my hip and it worked, so I’m definitely a fan of his.


In the mean time, I’m back to only running every other day and nothing more than 3-4 miles. Compression sleeves, ice, and ibuprofen seem to be working. On the plus side, I’m really enjoying PiYo again. Maybe I’ll use this winter to get BUFF. I miss my half-6-pack abs. Marathon training wrecked my body. An entire year later and I still feel like parts of me are recovering.


I felt skinny this morning for the first time in a long time. Body image issues abound when you are a formerly obese girl. (Don’t mind my dirty mirror and unfolded laundry!)

Stay neon, kids!


Pretty please…
With a BIG cherry on top…
Don’t be a stress fracture.

I made a doctor appointment. My shin hurt the entire time I was running this morning. I have a high pain tolerance, so I’m not sure if I should even call it “pain.” It’s discomfort. And the rest of today the mild, intermittent discomfort continued. It feels swollen. Not to the touch. It just feels off. I don’t like it.

I refuse to make the same mistake I made last fall/winter. I hurt myself and kept trying to train through it. I was unwilling to stop running because I didn’t want to stall progress. Now I know there are other ways to keep and even increase my fitness. Cycling and PiYo…thank you for keeping me sane.

I’m also probably going to make a training plan change. I know, I know. I’ve only been at it for a week, but burn out hit hard this morning. Level 2 80/20 10K training is not easy maintenance training. It’s a bit much. I’m going back to my roots.


This is the first training plan book I ever used when I became a runner. It’s the first one I still recommend to new runners: male, female, single, married, dads, moms, grandmas. It might say train like a MOTHER, but it’s good for everyone. The 10K finish it plan looks much more my speed right now. 3-4 mile weekly maintenance runs and only one day of interval speed work. To be honest, I’m a little tired of timed runs. It was nice knowing that I only had 40 minutes, but 3 miles just sounds much more manageable right now. It’s just the way my brain needs to think about running.

So cross you fingers for me tomorrow afternoon. No stress fracture. Just a strained shin muscle. A deep bruise. I’m finally making progress again. I don’t want another setback.


Stay neon.

Good News and Bad News

Good News:
This is the most pain free week I’ve had with my hip. I’ve managed to run three days and cycle two days. And I still have one more day in the week. I’ll do something tomorrow, not sure what. I should probably swim and possibly attempt to run 5 or 6 miles. My cardio is getting back to normal. I was able to put in a solid one hour ride on the trainer. I’ve NEVER ridden that long on the trainer before.

Bad News:
My stomach has been off for at least a week. I missed two days of work during a week that I shouldn’t really miss. At first, I blamed more fruits veggies and whole grains. But now I think it’s the diclofenac, the miracle anti-inflammatory that made me forget all about my bursitis. I haven’t taken any for 24 hours now, and the bloat, discomfort, and upset is gone. Darn it.

Hopefully the continued physical therapy exercises, XTing, and slow ease back into running four days per week will continue to improve my hip. I’m ready to get back to some harder workouts. I did the track workout with the boys’ XC team on Thursday and it was the first time I managed to hold a sub-9 pace for any period of time without shooting pains through my hip and down to my IT band.

The shoe change has made a big improvement. I’m still getting used to the bulkier, less flexiable shoe, but I’m making progress with every run. If my knee and hip don’t hurt, I’ll accept the change. I’ll miss my Brooks PureCadence, but if the Saucony Guide is better for my body and feet, then I’ll gladly change brands.

Off to grocery shop. We’re planning on using food tubs again with our boys for lunches and snacks. I need to find my old post that I did on those. It’s a lifesaver with two always hungry boys in the summer.