Sick and Tired

Nothing can bring a training plan to a grinding halt like a sinus / ear infection. Yuck. I felt like I went to the doctor early enough, but the last five days have been nothing but pain, drainage, snot, phlegm, coughing, and medicine fogs. I haven’t run since Sunday. Blah. And the steroid has me bloated and up several pounds. FRUSTRATING. Especially considering that I was supposed to start two doses of speed work this week.

At this point, I might just see what I can get done tomorrow with a long run, and then toss out the rest of the workouts from last week. It’s only a 5K. That’s what I keep telling myself. I’m only training for a 5K, so these workouts aren’t as vital. They are just the difference between how much progress I’ll make on my current PR.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


Yesterday was day 240 of my 10K step streak. Two-hundred and forty. Woah. Only 125 days to go. Yep, it’s official. I am definitely going to attempt a 365 step streak! One year of 10K+ steps per day.

I finally made an IG post about the new tool in my life. About a month ago, on a whim, I ordered a Sidekick Tool after both Gwen Jorgensen and Sara Hall posted testimonials. I’ve always been intrigued by muscle scraping, and it made a lot of sense when I read articles about the science behind it. I’ve dealt with a lot of lower leg issues over the last couple of years, especially shin splints. Physical therapy and regular strength training help a lot, but foam rolling and my roll-8 only do so much. Scraping seems to be the game changer. And my favorite thing about it…it’s fast. Only 30-60 seconds per area. Right now I’m only doing in on the days that I run, before or after stretching or PT exercises.

Side note: I know my shin splints are partially as a result of my pronation. I’ve tried several different levels of support shoes with none providing complete relief from my symptoms.

I started an experiment this week. I have started eating lunch at 11am. I normally take my lunch at work at noon. But when you wake up at 5am, have a small toast and coffee breakfast, run 3-5 miles, and then rush off to work, you are ravenous by noon, even if you add a snack in there. I needed nutrition earlier in the day. It’s been a great shift. I snack throughout the day and never have that empty stomach starvin’ Marvin feeling. I’ve been bringing a Vega One shake, chicken salad, these amazing almond flour crackers from Costco, and a Veggies Made Great frozen muffins…also from Costco. Actually, the chicken is from Costco too. Lunch by Costco!

Training is still happening. I’m struggling to get up and run before work four days a week. I find myself shifting one of my weekly runs to the weekend. I’m not sure if I should rewrite my training plan, so just keep trying to get all five workouts in per week and not worry about the days.

Alright…off to conquer the world. Also known as after school text message updates with the boys.

I lied

Almost three weeks ago, I blogged and said I’d blog again the next day. I didn’t.

What haven’t I done in 3 weeks:
1. Blogged.

What have I done:
1. Washed my face every night before bed. And my feet…it’s my number one self-care thing that gets forgotten. Wiping off my feet with a warm wash cloth before I go to bed feels soooo good. Does anyone else do that?
2. Did ALL of my workouts. Yep…in three weeks, I haven’t missed a single one. Well…this morning I snuggled Tiny Boy instead of running 3 miles. I’ll make it up tomorrow.
3. Stayed completely caught up on laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. I know…I can’t believe this one either. My house hasn’t been this clean in two years!
4. Cooked A LOT. We have eaten out maybe once or twice a week the last two weeks. I’ve actually meal planned and stuck to the grocery list. I also figured out how to bake sourdough bread on a weeknight without having to stay up until 11pm.
5. Read TWO books that have nothing to do with school or work.
6. Kept the step streak alive. Today is day 235!

I guess that’s what happens when I shove a big piece of pie off of my plate. I didn’t realize how much of my brain grad school consumed, but it was a big ole chunk. My ability to think and remember things is amazing.

Life right now is GOOD, and I’m enjoying it. Mr. Neon is still rocking the middle school math teacher life. The boys are having a good start to the school year. Tiny is in his last year of elementary school. Good riddance. I don’t know what it is about my kids and intermediate school (3rd-5th), but it’s rough. The principal and teachers are great, so I don’t know what our deal is. Those 3 years have been the most challenging phase for both of them. The one positive is that Tiny gets his first instrument tonight. Trumpet here we come!

Middle school is awesome in comparison. Runner Boy is FINALLY on the XC team and is thriving. Having scheduled practice every day after school is doing wonders for him. I can’t wait to see what he can do with the next seven weeks of the season.

This time though…no promises of when my next post will be. I always hope that I can get on here more often, but life (living the GOOD life) gets in the way. And that’s definitely not a bad thing these days!

A Decision

I’m not going to run a fall half marathon yet again. This will be the second year in a row that I have skipped a fall 13.1. When I finally said the words out loud to Mr. Neon, “I don’t want to run another half this year,” I felt an instant whoosh of relief. I’ve run 3 half marathons already this year, more than I’ve run before in 365 days. My body and my mind are rejecting the notion of training hard for 13.1 miles.

But I still want to train for something. And I feel the pull to do more XT. To brush off the dusty ole Beach Body on Demand app.

I’m heading back to my roots. 2013 was the year I became a runner and I fell in love with running over 5Ks. So…

I’m going to train for a FAST 5K!

It worked out perfectly that I start training today using the ten-week Train Like a Mother Own It plan. Run for the Roses in my town’s local 5K…the very first timed 5K I ever ran. After the first couple of weeks, I’ll see where I’m at and set my goal officially. My PR is 26:40. I’d like to see if I can get down to the low 25s. As close to an 8-minute flat pace as I can get.

In other news:

  • I’ve updated It’s got lots of new info with more updates planned.
  • I’m done with grad school! Just waiting for grades to be posted and then the diploma will be in the mail. I’m still waiting for it to sink in. I have my MLS! I’m a real librarian.
  • I signed up for RRCA coaching certificate this fall. I’m hoping to offer very affordable run coaching on an individual basis later this year. Runner Boy and Tiny Boy are VERY excited to have Coach Mom write their training plans as an official run coach.
  • I’m on page 854 of Stephen King’s It. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be. But the new movie scared the crud out of me. Mr. Neon is excited because I said I would go see Chapter Two with him in the theater. I might regret that decision later!

That’s all for now. More tomorrow, since I don’t have grad school clogging my brain anymore!

Silent Progress

Good for her. Not for me! ~Amy Poehler

This has become one of my mantras this year. As I watch what other people are doing with their running and triathlon-ing via social media, I fight the urge to compare myself to them.

As a result, I went back through my Garmin data and hid everything. It’s all marked “Only Me.”

I didn’t do it because I didn’t want people to see what I was doing. I keep my training and my goals mostly transparent. But I was tired of comparing what I was doing to what everyone else was doing. And I was tired of worrying that other people were doing that too.

It’s changed the way I think about my training. It’s for me and only me. I run for me. And my progress is mine to claim, whether it’s good or bad. And right now it’s good. I finally feel back on track after a craptastic 2018.

I did a 5 mile tempo this morning. 9:14, 9:05, 9:05, 8:57, 8:50. Those are the kinds of times I was putting down before my 2:00:59 half marathon. The effort felt good, not too hard, not too easy. Just right.

Today is day 114 of the step streak. And I’m sitting at 408 miles for the year…the most I’ve ever run at this point in the year. I’m on target to break 1000 by the end of the October!

Prairie Fire is 10 days out. Please, weather gods, do your magic!