I am an RRCA certified run coach. In addition to formal instruction, I have also devoured almost every book currently published about training and running. While I am not an experienced marathon runner myself, I understand the physiology behind the time, effort, and energy required to train for a successful race of any distance. I want to coach the complete runner. I will support you in every aspect of running, from finding the balance between running and the rest of your life to the mental side of running with suggestions for meditation practices. I can also provide suggestions for running related health issues, cross-training, strength training, and running technology and gear.

I especially love working with youth, specifically middle and high school runners. If you are looking to have a competitive edge over your fellow student athletes, consider hiring a private coach to offer support during season and maintenance training during the off season.

I would love to help you reach your running goals. My specialties are new runners and runners returning from injury. Are you a returning runner and need help getting back into the groove? Or are you a new-ish runner ready to step up distance? Or maybe you are just starting out and are interested in a Coach-to-5K program? I’d love to help you get back on the road or trail.

Fill out the prospective runner information form found HERE and contact me for pricing information.