Strength & Grace

I see a lot of people choosing a word to focus on for the year. We all know I have a stellar track record for streaks and making year long goals. (That was heavy sarcasm!)

I’ve chosen a word before. Don’t ask me what it was or what year I attempted this challenge. Challenge? Is that the right word? Activity? Goal? Whatever.

The word GRACE has been heavy in the front of my mind lately. I need to give myself grace. We all need to give ourselves grace. Empathy for our fellow humans and for ourselves. The world is hard right now. Getting up and setting a positive intention for the day despite all the obstacles and frustrations of the world is something most of us are facing.

I want to give myself grace. But I also want to build strength this year. That word popped into my head this morning during my treadmill run. I feel strong after just a week of refocusing on running AND XTing. I want to continue to feel strong.Strength of body. Strength of mind. STRENGTH.

So there ya go. Strength & Grace. 2022.

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