Are you surprised?

I got asked this question recently when discussing my boys’ success in cross country. For a moment, I had a negative thought and asked for clarification. “What do you mean ‘am I surprised’?”

Well…you and your husband are athletic. You run. Of course, your boys are following in your footsteps.

Full stop.

Yes, my husband is athletic. But he’s ball sport athletic…football, basketball, tennis, racketball, ultimate frisbee, softball, track (mostly throwing and fat man relays). He’s also one helluva a cyclist…a point he argues with me frequently. Running isn’t his favorite.

Me on the other hand…I was not athletic growing up. I got a black eye during coach pitch softball. I leaned into the pitch apparently. I went out for track in middle school and quit when the shin splints hurt too much. I was overweight nearly my entire adolescence and early adulthood. I didn’t letter in anything in high school…zero letters.

So, when my freshman son letters in his first high school activity…yeah…it’s a big deal to this mama who learned how to be athletic later in life. The mama who learned the value of a good sweat session and that running endless miles for fun can be incredibly therapeutic and in more ways than one literally saved my life.

So yeah…I’m surprised. And grateful. And happy. And proud. So proud.

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