154.28 miles left to run to hit 1000 miles run in 2021. 71 days left. Barring a complete and total disaster, I’d say I have it in the bag.

This is the 7th year I set the goal to run 1000 miles in 365 days. 6 failed attempts. I’d be lying if I said those six failures didn’t sting quite a bit. They sting a lot. I have so many running goals that are starting to feel more and more like pipe dreams. Unattainable.

Sub-2 hour half marathon.
A marathon time in the low 4:xx.
A sub-25 minute 5K.

Am I too old for these big time dreams? Have I peaked?

And then there’s the goals that I’ve been focusing on lately…
Running for 365 without injury.
Focusing on my mental health and finding where running.
Using running as a way to stay connected with my mother and process my grief.

And of course…there’s my coach work…which to me is a million times more rewarding than my own running.

I’ve got five athletes that look to me for guidance and direction. I may not have my own running figured out, but I love watching their training come together for PRs and smiles at the finish.

Stay Neon.

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