I lied

Almost three weeks ago, I blogged and said I’d blog again the next day. I didn’t.

What haven’t I done in 3 weeks:
1. Blogged.

What have I done:
1. Washed my face every night before bed. And my feet…it’s my number one self-care thing that gets forgotten. Wiping off my feet with a warm wash cloth before I go to bed feels soooo good. Does anyone else do that?
2. Did ALL of my workouts. Yep…in three weeks, I haven’t missed a single one. Well…this morning I snuggled Tiny Boy instead of running 3 miles. I’ll make it up tomorrow.
3. Stayed completely caught up on laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. I know…I can’t believe this one either. My house hasn’t been this clean in two years!
4. Cooked A LOT. We have eaten out maybe once or twice a week the last two weeks. I’ve actually meal planned and stuck to the grocery list. I also figured out how to bake sourdough bread on a weeknight without having to stay up until 11pm.
5. Read TWO books that have nothing to do with school or work.
6. Kept the step streak alive. Today is day 235!

I guess that’s what happens when I shove a big piece of pie off of my plate. I didn’t realize how much of my brain grad school consumed, but it was a big ole chunk. My ability to think and remember things is amazing.

Life right now is GOOD, and I’m enjoying it. Mr. Neon is still rocking the middle school math teacher life. The boys are having a good start to the school year. Tiny is in his last year of elementary school. Good riddance. I don’t know what it is about my kids and intermediate school (3rd-5th), but it’s rough. The principal and teachers are great, so I don’t know what our deal is. Those 3 years have been the most challenging phase for both of them. The one positive is that Tiny gets his first instrument tonight. Trumpet here we come!

Middle school is awesome in comparison. Runner Boy is FINALLY on the XC team and is thriving. Having scheduled practice every day after school is doing wonders for him. I can’t wait to see what he can do with the next seven weeks of the season.

This time though…no promises of when my next post will be. I always hope that I can get on here more often, but life (living the GOOD life) gets in the way. And that’s definitely not a bad thing these days!

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