Go for it…

Tomorrow is race day. Nerves are at an all time high. I feel the least ready as I’ve ever been for a fast half marathon. This will be attempt #3 at a sub-2 half. I’ve gotten all but one of my long runs done, but I’ve missed a lot of speed days. At this point, I think I’ll go out and give it a shot. If I bonk, I bonk, but at least I tried again.

I’m trying so hard to relax. Maybe if I just enjoy the experience and not worry about the pace, not worry about the distance, just enjoy being outside running through the streets. I’ve spent so much of my training on the treadmill that it will be a dream to run outside in ideal temperatures. Thank you, weather gods. You smiled on us.

I need to get some other posts up. I’ve got a new team to announce. And of course, there’s always the what’s next for racing for the Neon Runner household. The grad school graduation countdown has begun, and I anticipate all that spare time being devoted to all things NRG. And reading books that don’t talk about metadata and library theory.

Good luck to all runners of the inaugural Chisholm Trail Marathon. It’s gonna be a good time!

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