Time to break out the Body Glide

Training plan started today. I was supposed to do my first official easy 3, but my body had other ideas. Being a girl is stupid, by the way.

So what am I training for? What happened to my fall half marathon? The answer…no fall half marathon. As hard as it was to admit, my shin splints completely sidelined the second half of my year. I had to abandon a fall half marathon and completing 1000 miles in a year. 2018 was a wash. In so many ways.

So what’s next? I signed up for the inaugural Chisholm Trail Half Marathon. It’s a new race in Wichita, and I’m looking forward to the course.

How cool is their logo?

So the good news:
1. I have a plan. I used a combination of all of my favorite running plans. I’m focusing on heart rate and making sure the easy runs are EASY.
2. I am going to XT. I have a duathlon and at least one or two triathlons on the plan for the summer. This will force me to swim once a week and bike at least twice. No excuses.
3. Nutrition will play a role in my success. I am determined this time to get rid of the grief weight. I don’t need to treat my runs with food. I can treat myself with yoga, stretching, or some time with my family. Changing the mindset.
4. MEDITATION! Mindfulness is key to successful running. I’ve lost a bit of the passion for running, and I think it’s because I think TOO MUCH about it. I need to get back to the basics and run for the love of it, which means zenning out during the easy stuff.

2019’s Mantra.

Stay neon!

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