Hump Day Odds and Ends

I love intervals. I’ve said this before. Mile repeats…yes! 1K repeats…yes! 800s…yes! I get the greatest sense of accomplishment. Even if I have to DRIVE to a bathroom in the middle of a run because I didn’t make one more pit stop before starting my workout. Ugh. The pains of running in a small town before dawn when the gas station is on the opposite end of town as your favorite running path.

New Supplements
I’ve been listening to a lot of podcast episodes about nutrition lately. I’ve really enjoyed Tina Muir’s Running 4 Real. I recently added a calcium supplement and a super-B complex supplement in the mornings. Since I eat vegan most of the time and am lactose intolerant, I figured the calcium would be a good decision. So far, I’m not having any stomach issues like I have in the past. I’m still amazed that I would blame so many things on my wacky stomach, when it was probably just dairy all along!

Short Sleeves
I had to go make a purchase last night that I didn’t think I would ever make. I had to buy short sleeve running shirts. Say what? Yep…before yesterday, I owned ZERO short sleeve running shorts. I’m normally either tank top or long sleeve…no in between. I blame the treadmill and not running outside in the cool or cold unless I want to. But the broken treadmill (yep…still broken) is forcing me to run outside and it is starting to get a bit chilly some mornings. Enter the short sleeve shirt. Thankfully, I was able to find some at Target that I LOVE. Semi-fitted and SOFT.

I had one of those mornings with the boys where I wished the three of us could have just stayed home all day together. Runner Boy practiced his saxophone this morning before school (huzzah, late start!). He’s really getting good at it! Those private lessons with his teacher really paid off. And Tiny Boy’s sunflower that he planted from a seed finally bloomed. I just love them. My BroTatoes.

I’m reading Kara Goucher’s Strong, a confidence journal. I realized that I do some of these things in my running log. I’m inspired to keep a separate written journal in addition to my training log. Do you all keep a written training log or just online with Garmin or Strava? How about a confidence journal?

Stay neon!

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