No Make-Up Friday!

It’s no make-up Friday! I started wearing make-up a couple of months ago, in addition to revamping my skincare routine. Adult acne sucks. I wear make-up Monday through Thursday and skip it on Friday with the exception of mascara. Sometimes I wear a little on the weekends, but I’m a pretty low maintenance girl when it comes to my appearance so sometimes I even skip mascara on the weekends. GASP!


I had a running first this morning. First time in five years that my Garmin died midrun. I didn’t even realize it had died until I was done. Oops. When I finally got it charged and synced, it died right at the 3 mile mark of my 4 mile run. Oops. At least I was running a route that I knew exactly how far it was.

I would take pictures of my early morning runs, except it is SO DARK. I think I’m ready to get the treadmill fixed, but I do love running outside, getting that fresh air. I could do without the cobwebs.

I have a secret goal for the year that I’ve been doing some math on and I think is totally possible. Any guesses as to what it is?? Mr. Neon….shhhhh!

Stay neon!

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