Enter Title Here. Ok.

When my husband notices I haven’t blogged in a while…then it’s really been a while.

Half-Marathon Training
Race day is nine weeks out. I’ve had several big workouts. Some I’ve nailed. Some I haven’t. But I’m feeling strong and good. My fitness is at an all time high, despite putting on five pounds of what I have decided to call “grief weight.”

Avoiding Injury
It seems like every training cycle some little issue crops up. In the spring, I dealt with odd knee pain. This time around I’ve got weird groin pain. I thought I had a full groin pull that I was dealing with. I started back with ALL my PT exercises with a vengeance. Two days later, the pain is virtually gone. Either it wasn’t a true injury or I have just finally figured out what to do to get back on track and get the correct muscles firing.

I just finished my summer semester. Whew…that was fast and furious. I really enjoyed both courses. I could definitely see myself as a library director someday, if I can manage to leave storytime behind without breaking my own heart.

With this two week break in between semesters, I’ve been inhaling non-school books. I read Deena Kastor’s book, which I HIGHLY recommend. I’m following it up with Erin Taylor’s Work In. I need to get back on the meditation bandwagon. My brain never shuts off. NEVER.

Runner Boy starts MIDDLE SCHOOL. When did that happen?! 6th grade. And Tiny Boy will be in 4th grade. Sigh…they make me feel old. And yet I still get mistaken for their older sister on a regular basis.

Alright, Mr. Neon…was that enough for you? Maybe I’ll blog until later this week…err…next month…err…next year?

Stay neon!

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