I did a fartlek run today.

Fartlek. Fartlek. Fartlek.

That word will never not make me laugh. And workouts that involve fartleks are kind of fun and go by very quickly.

Coach gave me a fartlek run to do this morning. He told me it should be about 5 miles. I’m not sure if I didn’t read the instructions right or maybe I didn’t run quite as fast as he wanted me to. But…I only ran 3.5 miles. Oh well. It was a good workout and my shin hurt very little. I’ve been wearing calf sleeves during my runs this week. I think it’s more tight ankles and calves than a full on shin split. It’s just the right leg too. Probably some imbalance somewhere in my legs. Time to up the strength training game and add back in some PiYo and cycling. Wait…didn’t I say that in the last post? I’m a broken record. And a clichĂ©.

Grad school class tonight and all day tomorrow. Easy long run on Sunday. No pace requirements, just 80 minutes on my feet. That sounds wonderful after all the harder workouts I’ve been doing.

And I’ll just leave this right here. Not a huge month, but considering I’ve only averaged 47.7 miles in the last four Januaries, I rocked it.

Stay neon!

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