I got new shoes!

New year. New training plan. New shoes!

My mama got me a gift card to First Gear Running Company in Wichita, KS, for Christmas. Shop local people.

I am a Saucony runner. I started with Saucony back in 2013 and in 2014 switched to the Brooks Pure Cadence. And then they changed it in a very bad way, which contributed to my IT band issues and hip bursitis injury. Back to Saucony I went.

I used to wear the Saucony Guide, and I still keep a pair of them in rotation. But I also wear the Saucony Hurricane, which is a more cushy, more supportive shoe. I wear the Guide for shorter, faster runs, and the Hurricanes for long runs and races.


SHOES! Pink Hurricane 3s on the left. Thanks to Amazon, I got a regularly priced $160 for $90. Navy Guide ISOs on the right. They are such a weird color combination. The backs are neon green and the bottoms are orange. I like the oddness.

My mema also got me a pair of Saucony Freedom NYC shoes. I love these things. I can’t run in them…low drop, no support…no go. But I can wear them as kick around recovery shoes. They are the color of the Statue of Liberty, have copper aglets, and torches on the bottom. I love NYC and want to run the Brooklyn half and the NYC half at some point.

Is there anything better than new running shoes?! Stay neon!

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