It’s Merry Day!

Last August I shared the story of Willie dog. He’s now a five-year-old gentlemen who we often refer to as the OG d-o-g.

This little lady joined our family last December 21st. I have always loved the idea of opening a box full of puppy Christmas morning, and her adoption experience was pretty darn close.

When Willie turned 3, I started getting puppy fever. This conversation happened a lot.

Me: I want another dog.
Mr. Neon: We don’t need another dog.
Me: Willie needs a friend.
Mr. Neon: Willie has you. He doesn’t need a friend.
Me: But I want another dog.
Mr. Neon: We are not getting another dog.
Me: Please…
Mr. Neon: NO! Now stop showing me pictures of cute dogs on the humane society website.

This went on for over a year. And then the gut hunch kicked in HARD. And Mr. Neon knew. I texted him her picture. He told me to call NOW and put her on hold. It was Christmas time and she was too cute. I called and paid my $30 hold fee over the phone. I asked my boss if I could leave work early to go adopt a puppy for Christmas. She didn’t hesitate in approving that request!

When we got to the humane society, we told them we were there for Mary, a petite six-month-old terrier mix. They took us into the smallest visitation room. The volunteer brought her into the room and set her down on the floor. She made a sniff at Runner Boy and then made a quick beeline for Mr. Neon’s lap. And that’s where she has remained.

I wanted another dog. I didn’t get one. But Mr. Neon did.

In the spirit of the season, we changed her name to Merry, and she fits it beautifully. She’s our Merry girl. You can’t look at her without smiling, and she’s always there, waiting to be scooped up for a cuddle.

Stay neon!

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