What if I can’t?

I told Mr. Neon that 15 miles scared me. I didn’t want to run 15 miles. I wanted to run 13.1, so we mapped out a new course in our usual running area.

We still had six mid miles at race pace. I’ve been shooting for 9:05 for race pace.

What did I do?

This part of the run didn’t suck. This doesn’t include one bathroom break and one refill break.

To run a 1:59:59, I have to average a minimum 9:09 pace…for twice as many miles as this. Hello…doubt…again!

What if I can’t? What if I fail? What if I cross the line at 2:01? Do I try again? Do I give up?

My left shin has been sore for a week. It hasn’t gotten any worse. I’ve picked up my stretch, foam roll, PT exercise routine. It’s a classic shin splint pain that I’ve had before, so I’m hoping that all the prehab (love that word) will allow me to continue with the training plan.

Thank goodness this is a cut back week. I only have one speedwork workout and it’s an easy negative split run. The rest is EASY miles, including the 12 mile long run. I think we are planning on meeting up with the course preview peeps. I love the Prairie Fire fall half marathon course, so I will jump at a chance to run it twice in a year!

Of course, Mr. Neon was there during my mid-run freak out. He reminded me that I won’t have had a class weekend before race day. I won’t have done 12 miles of speedwork before race day. It will be cooler. I can do this.

Everyone should have a training partner like Mr. Neon. But you can’t have him…he’s mine. Find your own!

And stay neon!

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