Three weeks of less than stellar long runs. The weather has been a large contributing factor in that. I am over the humidity. The heat doesn’t even really bother me. Has it always been this humid in Kansas in the summer??

On the plus side, I had my second biggest running month ever. 105.5 miles for August! Surprisingly that’s only my third month over 100 miles. I didn’t do any XTing, outside of my hip PT exercises. I have made more of an effort to foam roll and stretch in the evenings. Fingers crossed the injuries stay at bay. So far the worst I’ve had to deal with is sore toes. I’ve had more blisters on my toes this training cycle than I think I ever have before. I even had my first blood blister that I popped this morning. I’m not sure why either. I got new socks. I tried the injinji socks again but they just felt wrong. I told Mr. Neon I probably need to do some epson salt soaking again.

So the doubt is creeping into my mind. Can I really do this? Can I really break two hours? My training is telling me yes. My easy runs are easier than ever. My HR data is trending down. I’m hitting my training paces (for the most part).

Stay neon! And keep doubt away!


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