Eclipse Day in Pictures

We were originally going to travel north into the path of totality, but life got in the way. Mr. Neon and I got a date day, and the boys got to celebrate the eclipse with their school friends. We call that a win win!

We started the day at the tag office, transferring the tag to Mr. Neon’s new Rav4. I didn’t take a picture. The tag extension office is not a glamorous place.

Then we hit up Artichoke Sandwich Bar for lunch. Mr. Neon has never been there, and I’ve eaten there several times. He can’t hold that over my head anymore. He got the Twisted Seester. He was not disappointed.

Then we went to Nifty Nut House and Juarez Bakery. Two of Wichita’s gems if you need a sweet treat. We restocked our supply of gummy bears…pineapple and cherry! Mr. Neon discovered dark chocolate peanut butter meltaways. Oh goodness. Alton Brown, did you try those?! We both picked out a giant sugar cookie at Juarez Bakery for the astounding price of $1.16. If you haven’t been there, you need to go. I could go there just for the smell. The air smells like butter and sugar and it clings to your clothes. No, that isn’t a bad thing.

We made a Sprouts stop for more tempeh and tofu. And the hot sign was on across the street. Where else would Mr. Neon and Neon Runner Girl celebrate the eclipse?! After the peak, we went inside for eclipse donuts…which is just a regular donut with A LOT of chocolate icing.

Cliche eclipse photo.

We got home, and I got some grad school classwork done before the boys came home. These were waiting for me. Awesome pens are a requirement for grad school. I had to promise Mr. Neon that these three boxes would last me all three years. I think they will…

How did you celebrate the eclipse? It was rest day, so we definitely enjoyed no running.

Stay neon!

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