Live from the New MacBook

It’s so cute! It’s so pretty! It’s ROSE GOLD! Mr. Neon bought me let me buy a new computer for grad school. It’s my first Mac ever, and it’s definitely a learning curve. But hopefully it’ll make blogging and eventually vlogging easier! Of course, I say that and it’s been over a week since I last updated.

We sent these two guys off to school yesterday. 5th grade for Runner Boy and 3rd grade for Tiny Boy. Although after this week’s well kid visit, Tiny Boy might need a new nickname. Dude grew 3.5 inches and gained 4lbs in a year. He is officially back on the weight chart…albeit on the 1% line. He’s a healthy little dude. He’s just small, but small makes him fast.

Half marathon training is still trucking along. Our 13 miler last week went really well…like would have PR’ed my half time if I had finished out the 0.1. This week, however, I’ve been dragging. I had fasting bloodwork this morning, so I’ll have to squeeze my 6 mile negative split run in after work. Sunday is 14 miles (eek!) with 5 mid miles at RP. What a way to celebrate Mr. Neon’s birthday!

Grad school starts Monday and I’m a little more than freaked out. I’m still working through the orientation class. I have the slide show presentation left. All of my classmates seem so articulate and write such long, detailed responses. I’m sure once I get back into the swing of things, I’ll do fine. It’s just been a bit since I was in a class room and had to write a paper!

Stay neon!

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