My Toes Hurt

I’ll spare you the picture. I had a weird blister on the second toe of my left foot. It felt like my toe was going to explode, so I attempted blister surgery. I might have been overzealous in draining it. Thank goodness a bandaid did the trick this morning. I was able to get my easy 4 done.


I’m not sponsored by bandaid, but their tough strips are the best. They are so sticky and stay where you put them. Perfect for blister cover up!

26 miles on the plan this week. Not a lot of speed work, but the first 13 mile long run is Sunday. Mr. Neon and I need a change of scenery, so I’m not sure where we will get it done.

Grad school orientation was awesome. I ordered my books and my first MacBook. I also joined the professional organization ALA (American Library Association) for you non-book-nerd types. Now I’ve got to decide if I want to run for an officer position in SCALA, the student chapter of ALA. Sure, let’s add one more piece of pie on my plate.

Mr. Neon pointed out that my MacBook with iMovie would be the perfect vlog tool. Hmm…

Stay neon!

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