A year ago, Mr. Neon became an Ironman. What better opportunity to sing his praises!


Being married to your training partner has it’s advantages. I sleep next to my accountability buddy. He encourages me and is stern with me when I get down on myself about my training. And vice versa. We read swim/bike/run books together and have our own mini book discussions.


Not to mention, he’s pretty fun to train with. We talk and laugh and sometimes make big decisions during our easy runs. On the flip side, during harder workouts, one of us is the designated pace setter and we don’t talk. We both plug into our music and zone out, but it’s still nice to know the other one is there, either in front or behind, fighting the same pace fight the other is. I can’t keep up with him during track workouts, but he’s always there with a high five for me at the finish of an interval.

I went back and read my sherpa reports from a year ago. Those words brought back every ounce of emotion I felt on that day. It was a challenging day, but one that I look back on with an intense sense of pride and a great amount of joy. It was a test in our marriage…one we passed with flying colors. Watching your spouse do an insane feat of physical and mental strength causes the love to deepen. I fell HARD in love all over again with my Ironman a year ago today.

Part One of my Ironman Boulder Sherpa Report

Part Two of my Ironman Boulder Sherpa Report

I love you, Noel. My Ironman! Stay neon!

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