Eclipse Day in Pictures

We were originally going to travel north into the path of totality, but life got in the way. Mr. Neon and I got a date day, and the boys got to celebrate the eclipse with their school friends. We call that a win win!

We started the day at the tag office, transferring the tag to Mr. Neon’s new Rav4. I didn’t take a picture. The tag extension office is not a glamorous place.

Then we hit up Artichoke Sandwich Bar for lunch. Mr. Neon has never been there, and I’ve eaten there several times. He can’t hold that over my head anymore. He got the Twisted Seester. He was not disappointed.

Then we went to Nifty Nut House and Juarez Bakery. Two of Wichita’s gems if you need a sweet treat. We restocked our supply of gummy bears…pineapple and cherry! Mr. Neon discovered dark chocolate peanut butter meltaways. Oh goodness. Alton Brown, did you try those?! We both picked out a giant sugar cookie at Juarez Bakery for the astounding price of $1.16. If you haven’t been there, you need to go. I could go there just for the smell. The air smells like butter and sugar and it clings to your clothes. No, that isn’t a bad thing.

We made a Sprouts stop for more tempeh and tofu. And the hot sign was on across the street. Where else would Mr. Neon and Neon Runner Girl celebrate the eclipse?! After the peak, we went inside for eclipse donuts…which is just a regular donut with A LOT of chocolate icing.

Cliche eclipse photo.

We got home, and I got some grad school classwork done before the boys came home. These were waiting for me. Awesome pens are a requirement for grad school. I had to promise Mr. Neon that these three boxes would last me all three years. I think they will…

How did you celebrate the eclipse? It was rest day, so we definitely enjoyed no running.

Stay neon!

Live from the New MacBook

It’s so cute! It’s so pretty! It’s ROSE GOLD! Mr. Neon bought me let me buy a new computer for grad school. It’s my first Mac ever, and it’s definitely a learning curve. But hopefully it’ll make blogging and eventually vlogging easier! Of course, I say that and it’s been over a week since I last updated.

We sent these two guys off to school yesterday. 5th grade for Runner Boy and 3rd grade for Tiny Boy. Although after this week’s well kid visit, Tiny Boy might need a new nickname. Dude grew 3.5 inches and gained 4lbs in a year. He is officially back on the weight chart…albeit on the 1% line. He’s a healthy little dude. He’s just small, but small makes him fast.

Half marathon training is still trucking along. Our 13 miler last week went really well…like would have PR’ed my half time if I had finished out the 0.1. This week, however, I’ve been dragging. I had fasting bloodwork this morning, so I’ll have to squeeze my 6 mile negative split run in after work. Sunday is 14 miles (eek!) with 5 mid miles at RP. What a way to celebrate Mr. Neon’s birthday!

Grad school starts Monday and I’m a little more than freaked out. I’m still working through the orientation class. I have the slide show presentation left. All of my classmates seem so articulate and write such long, detailed responses. I’m sure once I get back into the swing of things, I’ll do fine. It’s just been a bit since I was in a class room and had to write a paper!

Stay neon!


Is there anything worse than a run that doesn’t happen?

I woke up at 4:40 this morning and was on the treadmill by 5am. It wasn’t meant to be. My toe was THROBBING. I had to stop after a quarter mile. Stupid blister!

It’s my own fault. I didn’t put antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on it last night. If I had it would have been fine, because 5 hours after I did just that it feels like I could give the run another go. But of course I’m at work now.

This sounds whiny. Anyway…the run will have to happen later. I was looking forward to it. 4 miles at RP!

Short update today! Stay neon!

My Toes Hurt

I’ll spare you the picture. I had a weird blister on the second toe of my left foot. It felt like my toe was going to explode, so I attempted blister surgery. I might have been overzealous in draining it. Thank goodness a bandaid did the trick this morning. I was able to get my easy 4 done.


I’m not sponsored by bandaid, but their tough strips are the best. They are so sticky and stay where you put them. Perfect for blister cover up!

26 miles on the plan this week. Not a lot of speed work, but the first 13 mile long run is Sunday. Mr. Neon and I need a change of scenery, so I’m not sure where we will get it done.

Grad school orientation was awesome. I ordered my books and my first MacBook. I also joined the professional organization ALA (American Library Association) for you non-book-nerd types. Now I’ve got to decide if I want to run for an officer position in SCALA, the student chapter of ALA. Sure, let’s add one more piece of pie on my plate.

Mr. Neon pointed out that my MacBook with iMovie would be the perfect vlog tool. Hmm…

Stay neon!


A year ago, Mr. Neon became an Ironman. What better opportunity to sing his praises!


Being married to your training partner has it’s advantages. I sleep next to my accountability buddy. He encourages me and is stern with me when I get down on myself about my training. And vice versa. We read swim/bike/run books together and have our own mini book discussions.


Not to mention, he’s pretty fun to train with. We talk and laugh and sometimes make big decisions during our easy runs. On the flip side, during harder workouts, one of us is the designated pace setter and we don’t talk. We both plug into our music and zone out, but it’s still nice to know the other one is there, either in front or behind, fighting the same pace fight the other is. I can’t keep up with him during track workouts, but he’s always there with a high five for me at the finish of an interval.

I went back and read my sherpa reports from a year ago. Those words brought back every ounce of emotion I felt on that day. It was a challenging day, but one that I look back on with an intense sense of pride and a great amount of joy. It was a test in our marriage…one we passed with flying colors. Watching your spouse do an insane feat of physical and mental strength causes the love to deepen. I fell HARD in love all over again with my Ironman a year ago today.

Part One of my Ironman Boulder Sherpa Report

Part Two of my Ironman Boulder Sherpa Report

I love you, Noel. My Ironman! Stay neon!

Grad Student!

Tomorrow I have grad school orientation! I can’t believe it’s finally here. I have talked and talked and talked about getting my masters since I made the decision that the library is where I belong. And now it’s finally happening.

Mr. Neon took me to Target on my lunch break, and we picked out a few school supplies. Of course I had to get this.


I love composition books. No wires to get stuck on anything in your backpack. Yes, I still rock a backpack at the age of 34. It has a donut embroidered on it and my name in glow-in-the-dark thread!

I also stocked up on LaraBars. These are my latest obsession. My favorites are any of the ones with CHOCOLATE in them. These are like candy bars to me!


I’m supposed to do an easy 3 miles tonight. We stayed up late catching up on the DVR, so there was no early run this morning. Speed intervals yesterday went well. I did 4x4min and was able to do the last two at a sub-8 pace. Both of my speed work workouts this week almost beat my 5K PR, so I’m definitely making progress. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way!

Stay neon! And have a great weekend! We’ve got fall-like temps here in Kansas!

Is it working?

Resting heart rate has always been a pretty good indicator for me when training is good well. Once it hits the mid-40s, my conditioning is beginning to improve dramatically.

I think I’m there. I’m also a big fan of watching my training effort on Garmin. Most of my workouts with any kind of tempo or speed have been in the high 3s to low 4s. I know Garmin’s data sometimes gets a bad rap, but I find it works for me. My estimated VO2 max on my Garmin 735xt also had a slight increase last week.

I REALLY like my Garmin 735xt. This November will mark two full years that I’ve been wearing one of Garmin’s wrist heart rate watches. That’s two years of data. It’s pretty neat to go back and look at all of it. You can see where I took time off and where I was recovering. You can see where I was injured. You can see where I was sick or stressed. I HIGHLY recommend living training with heart rate. It takes out a lot of the guesswork.

I’m still working my way through The Brave Athlete. The writing style is fun to read, and it’s full of so much information, almost all based in science. I have a lot of work to do on the mental side of running/triathlon and this book is going to get me there.

I finished this book last night. (Photo from CNN.)

I am obsessed with this little dog. Probably because she looks a bit like our Merry girl. She ran 70 miles of a multi-stage ultra in China with an ultrarunner from Scotland. He made a promise to her to bring her home with him, not realizing how challenging that would be. But he did it! It’s a very heartwarming story.

What are you reading these days? Stay neon!