XT and Books

I have a pimple inside my ear. It hurts. I’ll save you by not sharing a picture. It’s giving me a headache. Pimples are stupid.

I slept in this morning. It was blissful. My body needed sleep. I crashed at about 8:45 last night. I didn’t even turn the TV on. I put my head on my pillow and fell asleep.

It’s XT day. Yesterday I thought I would bike, but my hips are still feeling a bit off. I think I will hit some PiYo Buns instead. Work those glutes that don’t like to fire properly. And now talk of a swim is happening on group text. Decisions, decisions!

I’m reading The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion. I love that title. It reminds me of Thug Kitchen. I’m only about 40 pages into it, and I’ve already decided that every single person in my life that swims or bikes or runs (or does all three!) should read it. If you identify in any way as an athlete (or want to), you need to get yourself a copy of this book.

These are also chilling on my nightstand. I need to get busy.

  • Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
  • Life of a Triathlete: Race Preparation by Meredith Kessler
  • Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard
  • IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: Time Efficient Training Secrets for Breakthrough Fitness by Don Fink
  • The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World’s Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel, and Perform Better by Matt Fitzgerald

That’s all from me today! Stay neon!

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