Sometimes running is magic. I went to bed last night and found myself looking forward to my tempo run in the morning.

I’ve started laying out my run clothes so that in the morning I can grab them and change in the treadmill room and not wake Mr. Neon.

The minute I started running this morning I knew it was going to be good. I did the warm-up slow. I had talked to Mr. Neon last night, and he encouraged me to push the pace. A 3x1mile with 0.25mi recoveries was on the plan. 5.5 miles total with warm-up and cool down.

I ticked off the first mile at 8:49. My breathing was good, and there was no rush to hit the recovery buttons. I gave it a second go with 8:49. That felt so good that mile three was a 8:41!

Boom! Of course, my hip felt creaky when I got off the treadmill. I stretched extra and told Mr. Neon that he had to make me do my glute exercises before bed. I did run four days in a row, so that could have a lot to do with it. Tomorrow is a BIKE day. YAY!


Do I look stronger? I feel stronger! And can we talk about these tanks from Target? They are flared and slightly high low. I own four of them, because that’s how I do my wardrobe. I fall in love with a shirt and buy it in every color.

Stay neon!


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