The Shift

I have trained triathlon almost exclusively for the last 18 months. And now I’m actually training for a half marathon. Training hard too. Interval speed work. Tempo runs. And middle miles at race pace during the long run. It’s serious business trying to PR. It’s messing with my brain a little bit. I ran three times as many miles last week as I biked…weird.

Real talk time. I’m anxious about getting injured again. Every tiny little muscle twinge makes me nervous. My right quad has been weird on and off all week. It was twitching and felt tight at the beginning of my long run. And now it feels fine. My hips feel tight too, but both hips equally. Bursitis…you better not come back! You are not welcome here.

Last Week:
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 1mi WU, 2mi Tempo, 1mi CD
Wednesday – 30min XT
Thursday – 5mi NS (3,2)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 3mi Easy
Sunday – Long Run 10mi, mid 2 @RP

0.77 miles Swimming
7.62 miles Biking
22.0 miles Running
30.38 miles Total

I’m a little off pace to get to my 2017 miles. But I think I can do it if I cycle at least once more per week. And my running mileage is only going to increase from here on out.

Stay neon!

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