Negative Splits

When I got home from work on Tuesday, the boys were begging to go swimming. When normal kids say they want to “go swimming,” they probably mean their friend’s backyard pool or the waterpark. Not the NeonRunner kids. They wanted to go to the lap pool to do a swim workout. We’ve created monsters, Mr. Neon!

So we shoved tacos in our face (hey…it was Tuesday!), waited the necessary 30 minutes, and headed to the Y. It was the first time I’ve seen RunnerBoy swim since he took lessons. The kid can swim! Proud parenting moment…yay!

I did an easy 1350 swim. 100 warm-up. 4×50 drills. And then 3x(50,100,200). It felt good to swim in a pool. I wish I could swim that well in open water. Sigh…

This morning, I drug my booty out of bed at 5am to get a negative split run done. I did not want to get up. I stayed up too late last night doing laundry. Mom life. I haven’t seen a negative split run on a training plan in so long that I felt I needed to look up how to do it in Train Like a Mother. And then I felt a little silly. NS (3,2). Run 3 miles and then run 2 miles slightly faster. Duh…

9:48, 9:42, 9:40, 9:22, 9:12. This is what my Garmin said on indoor running mode…WITHOUT ADJUSTING THE DISTANCE! That never happens!!! This run actually felt pretty good. Massage tonight and rest day tomorrow. Wee!

I usually post dog pictures on my Instagram or personal facebook page, but I thought I would save this one for the blog. They were fighting over the blanket and this tiny 4 inch wide section of the couch. Merry got tired of trying to lay where she wanted around Willie, so she just sat on him. He was NOT happy. She’s such a mess. I especially like how she wouldn’t look at me for the photo. “Nothing to see here. Nothing to see.”

Stay neon!

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