Half Marathon Training…Here I come!

I have three race reports to write up! THREE! I better get busy.

Half marathon training officially started a week ago. I kept trying to write a post about it. There’s the Day 1 draft, the Day 1…err…Day 2 draft, and then the Day 4…Oops draft.

I’m going back to my roots and pulling out my well loved copy of Train Like a Mother. I used these plans for my first two half marathons before switching to Run Less, Run Faster and then 80/20 Running.

I forgot how easy a running only plan is. I’m still biking and swimming at least once a week. Basically any time the plan gives me an option to XT, I am going to take it.

I’m using the Own It plan since I’m a more novice runner on the hunt for a big PR. Eek! It’s funny how daunting that long 15 miler felt when I used this plan two years ago. 15 miles?! Please… I’ve run a marathon.

The only thing I’m “dreading” is the 10+ mile long runs EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. It’s not the distance that gets me, but the heat. Running in the summer in Kansas can be a bit stupid at times. It was definitely stupid when Runner Boy on his bike and I headed out Saturday after sleeping in. Our intended 8 turned into 5 + the 3 that I would be doing at the triathlon the next day. Runner’s math…it’s not always a bad thing. I still got my 8 in for the weekend!

So keep your eyes peeled for those race reports. So far, July has been a month of PRs for the Adamsons. And it’s not over yet!

Stay neon!

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