It’s time for a reboot. For the blog and for me.

I’m so concerned about making sure this blog had good, quality content. But this blog isn’t always for YOU. It’s for ME. It’s for me to have a record of what goes on in my life, in my running, in my triathlon’ing.

So this is what’s going on today:

1. I am up 11lbs since hitting my lowest weight goal. I am not happy about this. I blame lack of portion control, snacking before and after dinner, and feeling I deserve extra treats because I’m training so hard. (Hint: I don’t and I’m not.)

2. I have a serious lack of focus in my life. I started using the Pomodoro Technique to get stuff done. So far, it’s working! (Pomodoro sounds like a horse. NEH!)

3. I downloaded a habit app. It’s not going well. So far I’m just trying to get my daily meditation done and my 100oz of water. I have learned I am very good at goal setting, but very poor at following through.

4. Half Marathon training starts Monday. I’m a little bit nervous. It’s a BIG goal. I’m afraid of failing. I need to stick to the plan. I need to not skip workouts. I need to incorporate strength training and stretching. I will get out of this training plan what I put into it!

I think that’s enough real talk for now.

Stay neon!

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