Brick Wednesday

Late start Wednesday = Brick Wednesday. 45 minutes on the bike on the trainer, followed my 15 minutes on the treadmill. Such a great way to start the day!

I might need to get a rack for my trucker hats. (Cute photo bomber in the background!) I’ve started getting them every time I order something from a company. Check out my IG to see my sweet new Rudy helmet. I FINALLY got a helmet with a visor. No more fighting with my sunglasses on the bike during races. I bet it’ll make me at least a minute or two faster, which in a sprint is worth it!

Oiselle! I ordered a new Flyte tank and another pair of Roga shorts with their Nee (Birthday) sale. I couldn’t resist one of their anniversary tanks. Very work friendly with my black skinny jeans. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Roga shorts. They are the only running shorts with a liner that don’t immediately go up my butt with my first running stride. My Flyte tank arrived with a snag hole in the armpit. I emailed them and I hope I can exchange it. My Flyte long sleeve tee is my favorite!

These little fig bars are saving my sanity right now. Our new Sprouts grocery store carries them in their bulk section. They come in little plastic boxes and are priced by the pound. They are 100 calories and individually wrapped. I eat one almost every day. This one is mango flavored, and I ate it in the car on the way to work. I also like the plain fig and the lemon fig flavors. PB toast before my brick was not enough breakfast.

Mr. Neon and I are pacing the Prairie Fire half marathon on Sunday, so I’ve got to figure out how to squeeze in both of my swims between now and Sunday night. I swam twice last week and I’m noticing a huge difference in my confidence and stamina. My massage therapist said my lats were really tight, so I’m definitely making progress in my swim stroke. Drills work…who knew?!

Stay neon!

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