He Calls Me Coach

Mr. Neon and I are self-coached. We have read a lot of articles on the internet and lots of books. We have talked to lots of other more seasoned runners and triathletes. Would we like to hire a coach? Sometimes we think about, but we both feel like we are doing a good job coaching ourselves and making progress.

I write the training plans. I figure the paces. He calls me Coach. He trusts me. And I trust him. He’s my training partner in life and in triathlon. It sounds corny, but I dig it. Couples who struggle complain that they drifted apart. It’s pretty darn hard to drift apart when you are both training for the same race.

I use Google Sheets to create our training plans and pace charts, so they are easy to share and reference on the go. We both have the app on our phone and can access them from any computer too.

Moving on…

I got up before 5 to get 6 miles in before work. Whew. This training plan doesn’t mess around. Looking ahead, it looks like I’ll be getting up before 5 most Tuesday mornings. But it’ll be worth it. I feel stronger, fitter, and ready for this race and I’ve still got six more weeks of training!

I’ve got a massage to look forward to after work. Poor therapist has his work cut out for him. My quads and hamstrings are SORE. My upper back is sore from all the swimming.

This week alone I did 60 miles. 6.5 hours. 10 miles more than any previous week. And it didn’t feel like a huge increase. Now, let’s hope I can keep it up and not get injured.

Stay neon!

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