Part Two

Part two of the training plan started yesterday. It’s already a good training week. Can you feel the shift in fitness? The easier paces get a bit quicker. Your verage HR dips a little bit. Your RHR creeps back down into the 40s.

Yep, I’m there. And it feels pretty good.

Part two of long course triathlon training comes from this book.

The challenge is going to be the swims. The level two plan I’m using just calls for two swims (and one extra optional swim) each week. I HAVE TO GET TO THE POOL TWO TIMES A WEEK. I HAVE TO! I just can’t find a groove in the water. Someone suggested a waterproof iPod.

Mr. Neon raced his first indoor/outdoor triathlon of the season over the weekend. I love being his sherpa, although as I watched him go out for the run, I had a bit of race envy. I should have signed up. Next year I can sign up for Spring Migration with a student discount. Score!

This morning before work I managed to work on his next round of training plan. He’s doing a half-iron distance race in September and hoping for a big PR. I love playing coach. I pulled out all my books and figured his run paces. I really enjoy living the tri life with Mr. Neon. Spouse + training partner + coach = LOVE.

Do you train with your spouse? Do you write your own training plans, use a coach, or just wing it?

Stay neon!

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