If I had a penny for every “How’s your mom?” I could cure cancer. The flow of love, support, and offers for help have been amazing. Mom gets weepy daily thinking of all the people who love her and are thinking of her. She’s doing ok though. Chemo sucks. I went with her on Monday. It’s hard to watch, let alone go through it. She feels awful a lot of the time, especially the week of chemo. But she’s a fighter and she’s doing very well despite all the crud she’s had to go through in the last two months. I love her. She’s my hero.

Now…happier things. A picture post. Things I send to her to make her smile.

Seven dozen donuts does not turn on the passenger airbag. Just in case you were wondering. It’s donut week at the library. We had donut storytime the last two days, and then we enjoyed donuts with the kiddos. I love my job!

I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen last night waiting for dinner to cook, checking Instagram, etc. Merry just walked under my legs and sat halfway underneath me. Such a lover girl.

Dinner. We made steak tacos last night for Taco Tuesday. Get the diced beef from the meat section of the store. It’s the leftover trimmings from when they cut steaks. It doesn’t cost much more than good ground beef, and it’s a nice change up. I just sear it in a skillet and add my normal taco spices and tomatillo salsa and let it simmer for a bit. My boys LOVE it!

I hadn’t done a fast finish run in a while. This training plan consists of mostly foundation runs, a few intervals, and lots of tempo runs. It was nice to do a little progression. I’m starting to see a tiny bit of progress with my paces. And still no pain or injury! 2017 might be my year!

Merry and her boy. He was eating breakfast and she was just chilling next to him. I’m sure she’d try to grab some of his food if she really wanted to. I like to think that she just wants to sit next to him. She’s the most social little animal.

Happy Wednesday! Stay neon!

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