My mom has cancer.

(Insert all the expletives you know. I did.)

In the past month, I’ve done things, thought things, and said things I never imagined I would do, think, and say.

My greatest fear.
The rug pulled out from underneath us.
All those awful cliched phrases.

My mom has cancer. It’s in her pancreas. She’s doing chemo. Every other week for 3 months. Then retest everything. Then more chemo or cut it out. Hopefully that answers everyone’s questions.

Week one of chemo did a number on her. Nausea, exhaustion. I felt very helpless, but she reassures me I’m doing the right things to support her. I love her. I hug her. I make her smile. It’s all I can do. Because I can’t take the cancer away.

Round two is Monday. She admitted to dreading it, but she’s not as scared because now she knows what to expect.

She’s a fighter. She’s tough. She’s a mother runner. She’ll get through this. I know she will. She’s still got races left to run.

But it still sucks. It’s not fair. It’s stupid. Cancer is stupid.

Keep the positive thoughts, prayers, and good ju-ju headed our way.

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