I don’t run streak. I don’t do workout streaks. I’ve said this before. I need rest days.

But look at this!!!

I’m on a streak! 14 DAYS! And it’s on purpose. And I’ve been keeping it a secret. Shhh… Oops.

For the most part, it’s been relatively easy to get to 10,000 steps each day. Mondays are challenging, because…duh…rest day. Also, surprisingly Saturdays are challenging as well. I generally do long bike rides on Saturdays, so I guess it isn’t super surprising that after spinning my legs for an hour plus on my bike that I just want to sit on my butt. Last Saturday I had to walk a mile on the treadmill to make the semi-circle green (see below). I walked REALLY slow, 2.5 mph or 24:00 pace, and played games on my phone and caught up on social media.

So question: how long do I plan to keep this up? I’m not sure. The whole month of March would be cool. You know me and goals. I’m not always the greatest at hitting them or sticking with them.

Stay neon! NEON GREEN for 31 days? Maybe…

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