TinyBoy Birthday

It’s Tiny Boy’s 8th birthday. EIGHT?! How did that happen?


We are celebrating with pizza, wacky cake, and cinnamon cake. And family.

And I took his class donuts to eat for snack this afternoon. I’m their new favorite. My car will smell like plain glazed for the rest of the week.

Has anyone seen the new feature on Garmin Connect for sharing pictures? Back when I had an Android phone, I was always jealous of Apple phones and the FitSnap app. Now I can just use the Garmin app, which I use all the time anyway!


That quote filled my head this morning on the trainer. This week is week 5 of 12 of part one of my Oly distance training plan. I’ve slowly built up from 30 minute workouts to 45 minute workouts. Soon, I’ll step up to hour workouts during the week. It’s just a matter of minutes, nudging up the alarm clock time. I’ll get back there. I still shake my head when I think of the handful of times I got up at 4am to get in 10 miles before work. How much coffee did I drink back then?

The bike is getting easier. My bum is getting used to the saddle, and my legs are remembering how to ride in aero. Last weekend’s long run was the first one in 4 weeks that my legs didn’t feel like absolute lead. Triathlon training is a whole other monster than just running alone.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to do hillwork. I’ve avoided it long enough. I need to program the workout into my Garmin to take the guess work out of the intervals.

Stay neon!

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