Better Sleep

Better sleep…more sleep.

These are on my 2017 goals list. My best sleep in the last couple of years happened during Mr. Neon’s Ironman training. He would go to bed ridiculously early, and I would join him, because I’m a joiner.

Lately, however, my sleep stinks. My Garmin 235 tells me so every morning. I move a lot. I wake up once or twice. The ratio of my deep sleep to light sleep is not as big as it used to be.

These are my last 7 days. I know some of you are probably thinking 7+ hours of sleep would be awesome. I do better on 8 or even 8.5. Those extra minutes are very precious!


Leesa, an online store for fantastic memory foam mattresses, inspired me to use this infographic in my “better sleep” post. While I am definitely what you would consider a morning person, I am at my best after a good night’s sleep. Since becoming a mother and a runner, I have employed all of these things to improve my sleep. I think I will be hitting them again in the next couple of weeks to get back into a good habit.

Set a bedtime and nighttime prep are my downfalls. I play on my phone too much before bed. I try to cram too many chores in after the boys go to bed and before I fall into mine. When the boys were babies, we were very consistent with their routine. We did the same things in the same order every night, no matter what time bedtime actually was. Maybe I need to employ this tactic to get myself back in the groove.

Interestingly enough, a glass of wine before bed is not on this list. Hehe.

Does anyone have a Leesa mattress? We currently have another brand of memory foam mattress, another online store version actually. Leesa are American made, and their blankets look divine. I might have to give them a try. Mr. Neon and I were just talking the other day that a new mattress might be on our 2017 shopping list.

Stay neon! And get some sleep!

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