A former coworker visited the library today. She asked me the question most acquaintances ask me when they haven’t seen me in a while. “Are you still running?”

They look at me with open expressions, as if hoping I’ll say, “No, I gave it up. It was hurting my knees.”

This time, however, I said. “Yes, but I’m doing more triathlons than just running.”

It just keeps getting more official. I think my days as “just a runner” are truly over.

Training this weekend went well. Of course, the rest of the week didn’t go as well as planned. Runner Boy came down with strep on Tuesday. Tiny Boy woke me up with puke on my bedroom floor Friday. And the news keeps posting flu epidemic updates. Can I take a bath in hand sanitizer? I don’t care if it burns my chafe spots.

Monday is rest day and I’m grateful for it. Saturday’s bike rides are leaving Sunday’s runs a bit lethargic. The pool did feel better this week than it did last week. Now I just need to add a second swim to the week and keep adding mileage. Mr. Neon has me doing drills as part of my swim workouts. I can already tell a difference in the confidence I have in my stroke.

Just keeping swimming…in triathlon and in life. Stay neon, friends.

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