Back at It! And then not!

I started my next training plan this past Monday. A lot of triathletes start their week with a rest day. It messes with my head since I used to follow the mantra “never miss a Monday.” It’s usually only the first Monday that messes with me. After the first weekend of long bike and long run, I welcome that Monday rest day!

I’m doing a two part training plan for Tinman Long Course. I’m starting with the 12-week triathlon plan out of the back of the 80/20 Running book. This plan saved my bacon when I was dealing with hip bursitis last spring. I’m hoping that easing back into full time training will keep any injuries at bay. Fingers crossed, yeah?

Part 2 is a plan I haven’t used yet. It’s from this book.


It’s a bit more intense than any triathlon plan I’ve used before, but I’m ready to step up my game. The swim workouts will be the biggest transition since the shortest workout is 2000m. I’m followed the middle level plan for sprint/oly distance. It’s an 8 week plan, so 12+8 = 20.

So…I started training on Monday. I did my bike ride on Tuesday and then I woke up Wednesday feeling like garbage. My ears hurt. I felt flushed. My throat hurt. I went to work, but I ended up going home after lunch with a fever and then straight to the doctor. That sinus infection I had never went away and turned into a double ear infection. I’m on antibiotics again, stronger ones this time.

Week one of training…FAIL. I’m hoping to get back to training this weekend. Slow and steady, low intensity, is the name of the game. I’m feeling much better today. Still a bit congested in the sinuses, but my ears don’t hurt anymore.

I’ve got some big food posts coming your way next week. Stay neon! And if you get one of these nasty super cold bugs that’s going around, don’t give it to me!

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