2016: The Last Revisit

2016…meh. That’s all I got. It seems like we all had a crummy year.

However, there was good!

The good:
1. Mr. Neon became an Ironman. (Marriage to Mr. Neon. Birth of Runner Boy. Birth of Tiny Boy. Ironman. List of most awesome events that happened in my life…in order of importance, of course.)
2. 10K PR. Half marathon PR. 5K PR. What?! Oh yes…despite me seeing 2016 as a less than stellar running year, I still managed to set a new PR at every distance!
3. Merry. (Just a taste. She’s got her own post coming.)


2016 Goals revisit:

Running/Fitness Goals:
1. Run a sub-2hour half marathon.
Nope, it didn’t happen…again.
2. Run 1000 miles.
Third times a charm, right? Turn out…NOPE, IT’S NOT!
3. Four summer triathlons.
Yes! This one did happen. I almost did five, but Ironman Boulder hangover got the best of me and I skipped Salty Dog.
4. Abs and strength training.
I did quite a bit of PiYo, and all those hours of PT must cost for something.
5. Food is fuel.
Yep, I did pretty well here too. I need to work on cutting out some of the sweets, but going 75% vegan is doing wonders for how I feel!

Life Goals:
1. Relax. Destress. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Did I do this? Ask Mr. Neon. I probably did let more of the little stuff slide by, but stress still gets to me.
2. Meditate.
This was a fail. Headspace did not get used as much as it should have. I got another year, but it’s already day 10 and I’ve used it ONCE!
3. Do one thing fun as a family per month that doesn’t involve running.
Does Pokemon Go count? Then YES!
4. Money
We made progress, but more can be made.
5. Catch up on all the little projects.
Well…I did clean up certain parts of the house. Decluttered some of the neglected storage areas of the house where junk tends to collect. But I think this is a neverending goal that will never be completely checked off my list, so it will not be included in any future goals.

Peace out, 2016! Let’s hope 2017 is kinder and gentler to all of us. Stay neon!

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