I recently gave up my second cup(s) of coffee in the afternoon. It kind of happened on its own when we were in Indiana for XC nationals. I still need to do a post about that trip. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t given it up. It’s COLD and coffee sounds good. And it’s going to get COLDER. This is the time of year that I miss those 40 extra lbs. They kept me warm.

For those wondering, #neonfitstreak is still happening! I did have one lapse on day 9. I didn’t work out in the morning before work and did not have time after work because we had plans with friends. Instead of getting bent out of shape and throwing my hands in the air and giving up on the streak, I just made up for it on day 10 with an hour workout.


I’m trying to sit down and make some goals for 2017. I have my A race and B race picked out. I sat down with a planner and counted out the weeks of the year. Depending on which plan I pick for both races, I know a rough idea of when I need to start. I have a pretty big goal for 2017. I’m not sure if it’s even achievable, but I’m going to try. Of course, once I make it public on here, it becomes official. I’ll mull it over for a bit more before I go crazy and make a proclamation.


Decisions decisions! Stay neon!

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