I don’t streak

Twice a year, my social media feeds are filled with streakers. No…no butts, thank goodness. Just crazy people pledging to run at least one mile per day from Thanksgiving to New Years. There’s also a summer edition from Memorial Day to Independence Day.

I tried streaking once. I think it was my first full summer running. It seemed like a good idea. I think I made it 5 days. Not even a full week. I suck at streaking. Come on…I failed at NaBloPoMo. You really think I can run every day for 40ish days. Nope.

Runner’s World has a FAQ about streaking. See that second one? Yep…number 1 reason why I should never streak.

And see that first one? I DON’T CARE! I’m doing it anyway. I’m making it a thing! #neonfitstreak 2016 has commenced. It actually commenced five days ago, but I am a lame-o blogger and am just now sharing it with you.


From Thanksgiving until New Years, I am going to do something every day. I wrote it down, so it has to happen. Bonus points if I wear neon while doing it! Here are my list of options so far:

  1. Run. 3 miles minimum.
  2. Bike. 30 minutes minimum.
  3. Swim. 1000m minimum.
  4. Elliptical. 30 minutes minimum.
  5. PiYo. Sweat, Core, Sculpt, or Buns.

30 minutes a day is nothing when you really think about it. It’s 2.08% of your day. If I can’t devote 2% of my day to fitness, then I’ll be sad with myself for failing.

I’m not trying to accomplish anything other than creating a healthy habit and getting my body back into a good metabolic state.

So let’s do this! Who’s with me? Stay neon! #neonfitstreak

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