Diagnosis: “just” shin splints. No stress fracture. No compartment syndrome. Just a bad shin splint in my right leg.

Treatment: Two weeks off running. I can do anything that doesn’t hurt. Biking does not hurt, so guess what I will be doing for two weeks. I also start PT the week of Thanksgiving. It worked for my hip, so maybe it’ll work for my shin too.

I’m glad these little nagging injuries aren’t something bigger and they seem to come at a time when they aren’t hugely detrimental to my A races.

New runners want to do it all. I’ve been there. I ran so many races in 2014. I ran a marathon before my body was ready in 2015. I signed up for too many races in 2016 and put too much pressure on myself. I think I need to just run for me. Run for health. Run for life.

Two people asked me yesterday morning what I was planning on for 2017. Right now…nothing. Just running, biking, and swimming. Just putting in the miles. Keeping the mental demons away.

Stay neon!

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