Well, that was pretty epic.

Who had three days? You won the pot. I lasted three days on #NoBloPoMo. Three days.

Lame. I fail. Whatever. I’m ok with being a failure in daily blogging. MOVING ON!

How about these two?


Seriously…I idolize my 9yo. Runner Boy is fast. It blows my mind that he has pushed himself that far. He finished 12th in the 9-10 age group. He was the 5th 9yo. It was his first time running the 3K and he did it in 12:45 (6:50 pace!). He left it all out there. At the finish line, he was DONE. Mr. Neon had to carry him back over to the tent. What a kid!

The wee, tiny one had a rough day. Poor kid has had a cold/cough situation happening for over a week now. We gave him cough meds about two hours before the race. He got through the race, well below his goal time. I went to get him from the finisher chute and saw him make a beeline for the bathroom. Poor kid experienced his first case of runner’s trots. Insert sad emoji here.

But…they both qualified for Nationals. WOOT! Now we get to drive 9 hours to watch them run for 12 minutes and 9 minutes. Worth it? You betcha! (But Mr. Neon and I do reserve the right to hold it over the head for the next year every time they whine about going to one of our races.)

I’ll give a leg update tomorrow, since I went to the doctor today. I need to process and set some new goals.

Stay neon!

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