Dark Chocolate

Halloween is over! But the candy remains. Mr. Neon and I were evil parents last night and went through our kids candy. Now they both have a ziplock bag that contains one of each kind they collected, probably 12-15 pieces. The rest of the candy was turned into my work, who is coordinating a donation to overseas troops. My kids haven’t noticed yet that a substantial mass of candy is missing from our kitchen counter.

Admit it…how many of you tax your kids’ candy? Do you regret it later? I get a two fold dose of regret. 1. I don’t need those calories. And 2. I am insanely lactose intolerant and most main stream Halloween candy is MILK chocolate.

How do I remedy this problem? Like this.


I hit up Target on my lunch break today and stocked up on these gems. Less than 100 calories each….boom. This should fulfill my¬†chocolate fix for the next several months, at least until Easter candy arrives.

Shin update: My leg is feeling good today. I did not run or PiYo this morning because I did not sleep well at all last night. I think this “injury” is telling me to take a true off season this winter. 3 mile runs, trainer sessions on my bike, and lots of PiYo. Sounds like a plan!

Stay neon!

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