Shin Update

I went through most of yesterday convinced that I had compartment syndrome. (Dr. Google is not an injured runner’s friend.) I’m still not 100% convinced I don’t. Whatever I have is mild. It’s barely noticeable when I’m not running and only minimally noticeable when I am running. It’s a weird issue. I wouldn’t even consider it a pain. It’s a pressure sensation. It feels like I have an insanely tight muscle in the side of my calf. Soleus issue, maybe? When I wear skinnier fitted pants, I can feel that the area is slightly swollen.

Mr. Neon and I made a game plan. I need to get an appointment with our chiro. Paging, Dr. Messenger! If he can’t work his magic, back to the ortho I go. He prescribed physical therapy for my hip and it worked, so I’m definitely a fan of his.


In the mean time, I’m back to only running every other day and nothing more than 3-4 miles. Compression sleeves, ice, and ibuprofen seem to be working. On the plus side, I’m really enjoying PiYo again. Maybe I’ll use this winter to get BUFF. I miss my half-6-pack abs. Marathon training wrecked my body. An entire year later and I still feel like parts of me are recovering.


I felt skinny this morning for the first time in a long time. Body image issues abound when you are a formerly obese girl. (Don’t mind my dirty mirror and unfolded laundry!)

Stay neon, kids!

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