Shin…Why do you hate me?

Week One of winter maintenance training was a complete success.

Monday: PiYo Sweat
Tuesday: Fast Finish Run 4 – 4.21mi
Wednesday: Downtown Tempo – 3.72mi
Thursday: Downtown 5K – 3.1mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long Run 1 – 6.0mi
Sunday: XT Bike – 9.58mi

My right shin has been bugging me for a while. I have no idea what it is. I wouldn’t categorize it as a pain, just a discomfort. It doesn’t make me want to stop running and it doesn’t happen every time I run. It’s isolated to one spot, but it seems more muscle related. I used the omni ball on it this morning and that seemed to make a bigger difference than foam rolling or stretching. I do remember banging it on something when I was playing keep away with Willie a month ago. Maybe just a deep bruise?

You’ll notice in my rundown that I did not do the prescribed workouts for Wednesday and Thursday. I was supposed to do a Foundation Run and a Speed Play run, but I was downtown for a librarian conference and had access to the river path. I took advantage of my 4pm early release and packed run clothes and shoes. Best idea ever! Make the most of the time you’ve got.

Now that I’ve got the winter maintenance plan in motion, I also need to get the winter nutrition plan back in motion. Dessert and oversized portions have been my issue lately. I need to nip that in the butt.

I had to hide this tub from myself over the weekend.


Have you tried these yet?


So good! They sell them in big bags, but these little snack bags are awesome. Mr. Neon and I were at the store over the weekend and the stocking person in the organic section told us that when the snack size bags were gone, they weren’t going to carry them anymore. We bought two dozen. $24 on snack bags of granola bites. We have our priorities straight, folks!

Stay neon!

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