Recovery DONE. Winter Maintenance COMMENCE.


For the first time, I finished a race uninjured and gave myself a week off before diving back into training. I did a tiny recovery run on Tuesday because holy heck, the lactic acid was eating my quads alive. I did a foundation run on Thursday and an easy long run of 6 miles on Sunday. Boom…recovery done right!

Yesterday, we started winter maintenance training. Mr. Neon is going to be following a mid-level Olympic distance triathlon plan, and I’ll be doing the level 2 10K plan from 80/20 running. I’m planning on sticking with 4 days of running and subbing in PiYo and biking for XTing.

Yesterday we did PiYo and, oh my goodness, I am out of shape. My upper body is non-existent. My shoulders hurt so bad today and my inner thighs are angry with me. Today I had a fast finish run. I used my new paces established by my new PRs. I missed being a sub-10 minute runner. It didn’t last too long without injury last time. Let’s hope I can hold on to the speed this time!


Apparently, I like the celebrate PRs with new tattoos. Two years ago, I got my shoe with the 5K, 10K, and 13.1. Last year I added the 26.2 and got the elephant. This year, I celebrated with an owl. This one is hard to describe. I love trees…new life, the changing seasons. And I love owls. They are wise, often associated with books and libraries. So viola…a branch turning into an owl. Close to my heart. I just love it.


HOT and WINDY XC meet this past Sunday for Runner Boy and Tiny Boy. No PRs, just good hard efforts celebrated with pizza and friends.

Stay neon!

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